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Sun Devil Solarus is an acclaimed solar power supplier that has clients from residential,  industrial as well as domestic backgrounds. We have the simplest to the most advanced solar panel systems that are installed by our professional staff at the designated location of clients. In addition to the solar system, all accessories like battery backups, protective meshwork for panels, and wires and cables are supplied along with the solar set-up.

  • Affordable solar panel purchase is available
  • 24/7 emergency services and guidelines can be attained for solar recruitment
  • Solar services from consultation, installation, financing and maintenance are offered
  • Repairs and replacement services with extreme professionalism is performed
  • Staff at Sun Devil Solarus is easy to contact and hire for solar services


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A Leading Of Solar Materials For Manufacturers, Installers & Contractors.

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For our future solar acquaintances, Sun Devil Solarus aims to extend solar resources, equipment, tools, and services in residential solar projects. Our solar vision tends to involve all private and public platforms enduring currently operating on electric power, shifting them to solar potential sources. This transformation is the step we as a solar dealer vision as a team.

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Sun Devil Solarus is among the leading solar entrepreneurs that are brilliant with solar plant installation, financing, and solar performance run. Our professional personnel understands the basics of solar panel types, physicality and functional operation, longevity, and technical failures too. Thus, our goals are to excel in the solar requirements of our clients with their different residential solar projects. At Sun Devil Solarus, we mention the following goals as our prime attention

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Our Mission

We at Sun Devil Solarus have the sole aim of offering solar power installation to clients with the best services, affordable rates, and long-term solar generation. From our solar design plan to the final execution in solar installation, everything is top-notch with extreme professional care provided to the set-up and functional tendency. Since our arrival in the solar market, our solar services in comparison to our contemporaries have been more advanced and positively reviewed by our trust-worthy clients. We aim to offer

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Sun Devil Solarus solar plant installation is better than the conventional ones, as we supply fream attached solar system, a protective shield from weather conditions and animal droppings.

Underlay Membrane

Solar panels and related accessories offered by Sun Devil Solarus are thermally stable. This reliability is due to underlay membrane in the set-up which increases durability and longevity.


Continuous run of solar panel system is protected by the advent of insulation measures. The solar design at Sun Devil Solarus keeps in view thermal requirements of solar project.


Sun Devil Solarus supply solar plants equipped with all necessary technical and mechanical accommodations for functional run. The fixture points of wiring and cabling are mandatory for solar run.


With new solar trends, solar batten lights are popular addition to solar projects at Sun Devil Solarus. These are alternatives to the old fluorescent lights in solar set-up.


A structural improvement in solar system by Sun Devil Solarus is the addition of slates. This increases solar ability to endure high temperature than many other metals during thermal generation

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